just ask anyone I live with… I’ve been talking about starting a blog for a long time. in fact, when (in 10th grade) I found out that a certain popular mommyblogger stays home entirely off the revenue that she makes from running ads on her site, I promptly declared that I was going to be a blogger when I grew up.

after a couple of appointments with career services, I realized that some dreams have to die & decided on a slightly less unstable job (but only slightly). so now, five years after 10th grade, I am nowhere near grown up… but I do have a blog. and a career. starting this summer I’m going to be teaching for America… more specifically, teaching Spanish for the Delta. I’m excited.

speaking of those people who I live with who have so patiently listened to me blather about blogdom… there are three of them. and I can’t think of a better way to start this blog than introducing the world wide web to my roommates.

this is Emily. she is the best nurse ever… or will be in May, anyway. her dad and my mom dated in college. we’re very thankful they didn’t work out, or we wouldn’t have each other (plus we like our respective other parents very much). Emily spends lots of time in the library, but when she’s not there, we like to bake things together. and train for a half marathon (maybe).

this is Leslie. her latest hobby is Getting Accepted to Law Schools and she’s pretty awesome at it. once upon a time we decided to be friends once because all our friends went to study abroad in London. then they came back & we’re still friends, go figure. Leslie makes the prettiest miniature cupcakes I have ever seen and also generates the largest amount of weekly apartment traffic, thanks to the small group bible study she leads through the BSU.

this is Helen. my favorite thing about living with Helen is that her clothes make whatever I am wearing look more normal… and Internet, if you knew me, you would know that written out of admiration, not derision. I also like living next to Helen because you never know when she will show up in your living room exclaiming things like “HEY. Wyatt Waters is back from ITALY!!” or “Wanna come next door and try some of the sun dried tomato and feta cheese bread pudding I just made?”

life with these people is an adventure. really, life is an adventure, period.
& I’m excited about documenting it here. I hope you come along for the ride.

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2 Responses to bienvenidos

  1. Kathie Broom says:

    It’s about time…thanks for letting me share the adventure! I love you!

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