(last) weekend in review

last weekend was all kinds of wet & rainy. but I just put on my boots & stomped in puddles, so all was well. friday night, a family from my church hosted a real fun houseshow… it was the kickoff show for our friend Ronnie’s Kickstarter project. go support him! (and if you’ve never heard of Kickstarter, make sure to click around… it’s a really cool concept.) it was a fun evening full of sweet friends, pretty music, good cookies & even some bananagrams.

then on saturday I went to dollar tree with my friend oliver… finally got glitter headbands (!!!!) so I can stop jacking my sister’s (thanks for the loaners han). we also bought a central park puzzle, which provided an afternoon of entertainment. for all interested… the clinton dollar tree has entire boxes of lisa frank stationary for just a dollar. it (almost) made me wish I was in 5th grade all over again.


that night emily, helen & I finally got around to using a pizza hut gift card (thanks mom!). we ate yummy veggie pizza & split a coke & missed leslie lots & lots. also… remember what I mentioned about helen’s clothes in my last post? well, her outfit of choice saturday was a sock monkey onsie. good day.

the rest of the weekend was full… watching a (surprisingly good) movie & running with emily & church. thankful for a couple of days that allow rest & renewal & just plain fun.

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