this week in pictures

bryantballoonedit   ruthannwilleditavocadosaleedit   avocadoedithalfscheduleedit   sabrinaeditbrett les applebeesedit   pancakeseditchandleredit   chandlercandleseditlamorenaedit   hannahmandyedithelenbike1edit   nickbikeeditallkidsedit   carteredit

it’s been a lovely couple of weeks… this one started with a Monday morning yellow balloon from chickfila & ended with a Sunday full of church (which is always better for me than words can describe) & a beautiful long run with emily. in the middle, there were lots of weddings (which deserve their own post entirely), brett & leslie’s 5 month anniversary (which they celebrated with oliver & I… at applebee’s) free pancake day at IHOP, a birthday party for chandler, avocados & kiwis on sale at Kroger (!!), bike riding with friends, hanging out with some of my favorite little kids, giving haircuts, new music, & really good homemade bread. thankful for grace & sunshine. happy monday!

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