graduation, whattt?

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3 commencement addresses, countless photographs, one itchy robe… just like that, undergrad is over. it was a little surreal to see so many people that I’ve spent so much time with walk across that stage & claim their “piece of paper.” but at the same time, it felt very right & timely. God has given so much grace in this season. both this weekend & so many weeks leading up to it I’ve felt so very calm & assured that this is good, this is right, this needs to be now. I know His ways & timing are always best, but it sure is nice when my heart feels that as well.

a couple of weeks ago I was walking to work & thinking about how college was almost over… looking around campus, thinking about the different buildings I’ve lived in and memories I’ve made. nostalgia, blah blah blah. & I quietly, confidently realized… this place has been very, very good to me. all the disappointments & tears & tests & times when things just seemed pretty miserable have been more than “made up for” in relationships & joys & victories & learning. time here has been full of those moments when you realize that you’re really, actually doing it…. living truly & deeply. sucking out marrow, as Thoreau would say. it’s been real, MC. the past four years have been full to the brim with learning in the very truest sense of the word. college has taught me Greek & literary criticism & Spanish & philosophy. but mostly, college just taught me a whole bunch about how to live well & love deeply. & I want to keep learning that for the whole rest of my life. cause heaven knows, I’m not nearly done.

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