no birthday is complete without cake.


…or a surprise pinata.



but, as always, it’s the guests that make any party worthwhile. I was real thankful to get to usher in 22 with so many people that I love. it was a weekend full of lots of happy things– surprise room decorations, dandelion wishes with emmy, lunch with family, a balloon from my favorite two year old, & a princess bubble wand.

but as far as big presents go, well, on my 21st birthday I got a shooting star. & this year I got a super moon. God knows what I like. last year as I watched that shooting star, I prayed that God would make me a strong woman. so many times over the past 365 days I have thought “why on earth did I ask for that?!” it’s kind of like praying for patience; you never know what you’re going to get. & what I got was a really hard year. a beautiful year, but extraordinarily difficult. but the other night, as I enjoyed the super moon, I prayed the same thing. that God would make me a strong woman, that I would love him more, that I would become more like Jesus. here’s to praying dangerous prayers & waiting expectantly for them to be answered in beautiful ways. 22. I’m excited.

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