date w/ dad


when I was a little girl, my dad took me on a date once a month. I have vivid memories of being about five years old, wearing this kinda terrible dress with fake three dimensional roses affixed to the sleeves, feeling super pretty… & going to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal. when you’re five, Happy Meals are where it’s at. I’ve been away at college for the past four years, but my dad still squeezes in dates with me whenever I come home. tonight we went to a tiny little local restaurant where he & my mom had their rehearsal dinner 27 years ago. we talked & ate good food & laughed a lot at the table behind us. (my dad has learned from many dates with my mom and me that the quality of entertainment provided by the other restaurant patrons is a huge priority to us. people watching for the win.)

from Happy Meals to grown up restaurants & everything in between, my dad has been so intentional about time spent with me. I didn’t realize until I was in college and started dating actual boys my own age (sorry dad!) how much this shaped my views, standards & priorities… in the best possible ways. I’m super thankful for God’s grace in temporarily entrusting me to this man who consistently protects me, provides for me & delights in me… he’s helped me see God for the good, good Father that He is. thanks for dinner, daddy (& so much more). you’re the best.

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One Response to date w/ dad

  1. Reggie Broom says:

    Reading your latest  blogpost and fighting  back tears in the Houston airport.  If there weren’t so many people around me I’d just let them go. You are a treasure I don’t deserve. How could the Great Father love me so much and be so gracious and kind to me as to entrust me with YOU!

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