happy monday


got to spend some quality time with this little lady this weekend while her parents celebrated their anniversary. on the way to church Sunday morning, she looked at her dress shoes and said, “auntie ruth ann, once I colored inside these shoes. that was not a very good choice.” hilarious. p.s. she insisted on wearing the dress in the photo to church. I totally let her.

:: this article is such a good perspective on Pentecost & the role of the Spirit in modern evangelical life.

:: I don’t normally write about this here because it makes me feel weird, but I’m really thankful for a boyfriend who takes breaks from playing with husky puppies & eating reindeer meat to be encouraging to me & intentional with me all the way from the frozen north.

:: got to celebrate marriage with two different sets of sweet friends this weekend. congrats to matt&kristy & megan&chad. both occasions were such a cool picture of the church encouraging & lending a hand. my church celebrates really, really well.

:: this article starts off a little tounge in cheek but ends up on a really convicting, humbling note.

:: I find out today what my subject area/grade placement is… super pumped!

:: so many different things this summer have reminded me that I am so blessed in the parents department. like, really. it’s so rare for parents to strike the perfect balance between caring&helping & letting go, but I’m pretty sure mine have found it.

:: I think this is the very best idea in ever.

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