a little bit of delta

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:: induction is over, institute is coming right up.

:: living in a dorm again is strange… living in a coed dorm is stranger. every time I walk on the male halls I feel like I’m about to get in big trouble. thanks, MC!

:: I finally got my school placement for the fall! I’ll be teaching elementary Spanish (K-5) at a small JPS magnet school in the greater Belhaven area. the school has special art, Spanish & music programs… pretty much a dream set up. I’m thrilled.

:: I’ve never met so many new people in such a small amount of time. freshman year of college has nothing on this. I am completely socially exhausted at the end of every day… & I’m a pretty social person.

:: it’s been really interesting to be exposed to the Mississippi that the media so often portrays. being from the Gulf Coast & then going to college right outside of Jackson, I’ve been exposed to the most progressive, urban parts of the state… yet when people from other parts of the country think of Mississippi, they immediately think farms & agriculture. I’m still kinda partial to the more urban parts, but there’s no denying that the Delta is beautiful in her own right.

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