welcome to the neighborhood

two new friends.

these are two of my new friends. you see, I really like where I live. it’s quirky & close to everything & there’s a farmer’s market that just opened around the corner & a park where people hang out. but my very favorite part of this move so far has been my neighbors. I love neighbors. neighbors are a big part of why I wanted to move here. & I was not disappointed–I met seven of them in the first two days.

to be perfectly fair, I’m probably a bit more excited about the neighbors than they are about me. as my family helped me move, whenever they would see someone venture out, they’d say “hey ruth ann… a neighbor’s outside” and I would (at times literally) chase after whatever poor soul had poked his or her head outside. “hi my name is ruth ann and I’m new here and I live in the tan house down there and it’s so nice to meet you what’s your name oh that’s lovely I’m a teacher how long have you lived here that’s so nice.” andddd breathe. but friendliness pays off & I’m now acquainted with most of my street.

ms. margaret was one of the ones I chased down. she introduced herself by saying “hi, my name is margaret & I serve the lord jesus.” I excitedly explained that I did as well. she then wanted to know where I went to church & if we “baptized in jesus name.” I thought about that for a couple of seconds & replied that yes, I was pretty sure we did. she then sent me home with three tracts.

kevin saw me working in my backyard & yelled “welcome to the neighborhood!” I was ecstatic. someone was welcoming me to the neighborhood instead of me running after them. I could hardly believe it. kevin then continued to say, “I live in that house down there with my partner, christopher. he’s black. do you have a dog?” a lot to take in at once. I said, “no, I don’t” & then followed up with what seemed like the logical reply “…do you?” he very decidedly replied, “yes, I do. and he’s viscous. if you see me walking him, run the other way. because he’s viscous.” welcome to the neighborhood indeed.

& there are so many others. a magazine writer, a widow w/ a beautiful flower garden, a med student, a photographer, an artist, a girl who worked for Mississippi Teacher Corps… the list goes on & on. my favorite new acquaintance this week has been james. he has six puppies that he’s selling but no one is picking them up til this weekend so every afternoon he knocks on my door with a different puppy in tow. the puppy drinks milk in my kitchen while james & I drink orange juice at the table. it’s a good way to spend a july afternoon.

I’m thankful to live in a community that’s so open. & I’m excited to see what God will teach me through this wonderful, eclectic group of people. I’m already kind of in love with them… but I’m still planning on steering clear of the “viscous dog.”

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