thankful for rest. happy sunday!

this weekend has been so good. reading on the porch, dinner with my beautiful sister, surprise visits from patrick + parker, playing at the reservoir with teacher friends, bike ride with emily, date with david & share-a-meal at high street park with my journey family.

& now I’m sitting at barnes & noble… lesson planning, scheduling, budgeting & just generally gearing up for the next week. but as I sort & plot & plan, I’m thankful… thankful to the God who made our bodies so that we need rest, the God who is gracious enough to give his beloved sleep. weekends are a concrete reminder of the fact that we’re frail & human. we’re not robots & we can’t just run around accomplishing things. we need relief & renewal. thankful to experience that with friends this weekend… & thankful for the small ways God gives me much needed rest & grace every single day. even in the midst of 300 chatty kiddos.

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