wednesday words

bedtime reading. excited about this one.

ever since reading ‘a million miles in a thousand years’ (one of my very favorites), I’ve had this book in the back of my mind & finally, two years later, I read it. the format of the book is pretty similar to blue like jazz, or a shauna niequest book. it’s full of short essays, most of which start out with a story & end with some type of lesson that goes along.

I love stories. & bob goff has some great ones–he’s taken his children around the globe to eat ice cream with world leaders, hitchhiked long distances, sailed from california to hawaii, helped stage an epic proposal in his backyard, & started a school in south africa. I was completely mesmerized by his accounts of a life well lived… he tells big stories & small stories & makes them seem equally important. I like that. in fact, my only complaint about the book was that, in lots of places… really, the stories could have stood alone. explicitly extricating a moral from them felt almost unnecessary. & if that’s the worst thing you have to say about a set of stories, well, they must be pretty good.

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