the real thing

the skies have been crazy beautiful in jackson lately. I think it must have to do with the changing seasons. leaving the house before 7am is a little more palatable when I get to the top of the hill on fortification street & see the sky all lit up. & the sunsets have been wonderful too. every time I see the sky so glorious I try to take a picture of it… but I’m always disappointed in the result, because it’s not nearly as good as the real thing.

lots of times I wish I took more pictures… pictures of people, pictures of events. I’m a little bit obsessed with trying to remember life. & pictures help with that. but sometimes– even though I regret my lack of photographic documentation–when an event is over & I think “oh no, I forgot to take pictures,” I am secretly a tiny bit happy. because if I wasn’t thinking about taking pictures, chances are I was pretty busy living it. & after all… the pictures wouldn’t have been nearly as good as the real thing.

that’s one of my favorite truths about life, I think. the real thing is always better. we live in a society of vlogs & instagram… but real sunsets are better, every single time. pictures of skies, of proposals, of babies, of pretty much anything good & beautiful & true– none of that can come close to the actual experience. so I’m learning to take a break from documentation & just enjoy things. things like the sunsets that send me into work in a good mood, Sunday afternoons reading with David, 2am talks with sister, delta cotton in full bloom, eating around a table with people I love, crunchy leaves. just to name a few.

we live in a great big beautiful world… a vivid, 3d world of flesh & blood, full of things that can not only be seen but smelled & touched & tasted & felt. this place is fallen but it is beautiful & it is good. in a way that can’t be fully captured or experienced by anything other than an authentic human being. & we get to be those human beings. we get to live here. some days that kind of blows my mind.

p.s. interesting article from Relevant on social media & sacred moments.

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