life, as told by camera phone

I work at the only JPS school where you can see the capitol from the playground. & there's your Jackson trivia for the day.         Untitled

Untitled        Untitled

Untitled        Untitled

Untitled        Untitled

Untitled        pink sky. big white moon. good end to sunday funday. @dmossthered @hannahbroom @wmwielgosz

whirlwind trip home for peter anderson. pretty skies. dry shampoo, all day everyday (no words for how much this helps my mornings go smoothly). painting a big refrigerator box voting booth & watching lots of little people cast votes. watching the news to see what kind of votes the big people cast. a visit from our favorite bri bri. colorful leaves. researching how to fry a turkey. state fair (ok, that was a while ago). chikfila & kroger (favorites) with david. dr. stapleton’s cuba lecture. surprise visit with hannah & annabel. rearranging my teeny tiny workspace. daylight savings time… which is currently making my life. I don’t even care that it’s pitch black at 6pm. it’s light in the morning. the moon is no longer out when I drive to work. there are actual rays of sunlight instead. I feel like I am up at a time when humans should be up.

needless to say, november is off to a good start.

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