major catch up

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avocado chicken salad makes me miss @emilygracestory       les mis with @reggiebroom & @hannahbroom. excited.

we have fun. (#latergram thanks to @emilygracestory)       Untitled

things that have happened since I last really blogged: visit from beth & jacob & isabella & kirchbaby pt 2. betsy & stuart’s wedding + visit from christine! makin’ homemade christmas presents. christmas vacation. time with family. breaking my four year no puke or fever streak (in related news, david & I watched a whole season of lost while i recovered). trip to kosciusko. jared & annaclaire got married. we acquired a grill (thanks mom & dad) & used it. pizza night with roomies. such a good lunch with my mom. learning to be a better teacher. cooking new things. reading reading reading. settler’s of catan. visits from LA delta TFA friends. lots & lots more. but that will do. for now.

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