long weekend


well, (almost) a week late, here’s a little bit about life MLK weekend. it was full of friends, settlers, & a lovely long run.

:: friday at school I went to visit some of my kiddos in aftercare (on site childcare after school is out). they were working on MLK coloring pages & I asked a beautiful little kindergarten girl if she knew who martin luther king jr. was. she said no ms. broom, who is he? so I explained about how some people used to think that black people couldn’t do everything white people could (she looks shocked & horrified) but that MLK stood up for people & explained that God made everyone & loves everyone & every single person is valuable & worthwhile & full of infinite potential, no matter the color of their skin. & he fought for everyone to be treated the same. I’m feeling pretty good about this little civil rights lesson. she pauses & waits until I’m finished & says, “ok ms. broom but how did martin luther king jr die?” …to which I said “man, you are doing such a great job of coloring that sheet, kiddo!” sometimes I forget how ugly the world can be until I see it through five year old eyes. (thankfully you could also substitute ‘beautiful’ for ‘ugly’ in that last sentence & it would still ring true.)

:: the new york times recently published a story on forgiveness & restorative justice that made me bawl big time. there are lots of different opinions on the death penalty from a policy perspective, but there’s no denying how compelling & utterly convicting this narrative is on a personal level.

:: this article by Jen Hatmaker makes me think about how hard it will be to be a parent & also kinda makes my heart sing, all at the same time: brave moms raise brave kids. challenging.

:: anyone girl who is single and/or dating should read these two articles: making out is not a date & I waited for him to tell me he liked me first. so good. & they come from a site, goodwomanproject.com that’s become one of my favorite resources to share. they publish posts on all kinds of topics that are real & insightful.

p.s. thanks to chase for the picture of our house. it’s apparently ‘instagrammable.’

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