friday five

every friday at school I give kids “friday (high) fives” in the bus line. it’s one of my favorite parts of the week… I love that it’s routine enough now that if I forget they come running back… “miss broom, what about my friday five?!”

1 :: helen & i made this hummus together tuesday. it’s good. & i agree with the blogger that it tastes like pizza hummus.

2 :: “I wake up lost every morning.” this article brings me lots of joy in the truth. & comfort in knowing I’m not the only one prone to forget.

3 :: david & i have tickets to see fun. & seryn. excited.

4 :: “when the prevailing thinking is boys will be boys — girls will be garbage. & that is never the heart of God.” fantastic article by ann voskamp.

5 :: this weekend is color me rad w/ hannah & kate & bridal shower on the coast. excited.

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One Response to friday five

  1. Cassie Olson says:

    Ruth Ann! I am an incoming Corps Member in the Delta and I love Ann Voskamp and Seryn and naming the blessings every day.

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