friday five

1 :: this past week I was oh so worried about us finding a house. & i started thinking maybe i was silly for being so insistent on staying in this neighborhood. then i found four little boys chasing a bird with a sheet of plywood & (after a serious talking to) the five of us ended up having a snack together on the porch with my accross the street neighbor. little drops of water, confirmation that i’m where i’m supposed to be. so excited about all the friends that are moving here soon.

2 :: love this article: 18 reasons doctors & lawyers are homeschooling their kids. it’s not just conservative denim jumper wearing religious people anymore. (although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for conservative denim jumper wearing religious people.)

3 :: monday was one of those days that helps you understand why people keep teaching even when it’s hard. I was introducing our last unit (clothing vocabulary) & my fifth graders were so engaged… they’re doing a fabulous job of speaking in complete sentences. makes me so happy!

4 :: shauna niequist asks, is it crazy to move for friendship? (hint: maybe not.)

5 :: speaking of shauna niequist, I was able to read bread & wine a little early & david & I made a recipe from it this past week… so be on the lookout for a little review.

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