friday five


1 :: the other week david & I both forgot our first dating anniversary. & then the next day he surprised me with sunflowers & a julep date. it was fun. & in other date news, we watched Argo a couple of weeks ago. so good, definitely understand the ‘best picture’ thing. I even mostly stayed awake til the end, that’s how good it was.

2 :: being gay at liberty university… interesting, moving article from the atlantic. (speaking of good ol liberty, I also really love this book.)

3 :: we are about to have our very first yard sale. whoo hoo! if anyone would like to donate items or buy items or just come hang out in the front yard… may 4th is d-day.

4 :: I’m pretty much fascinated by the connection between character strength & academic success. I really want to read the new paul tough book. in the meantime, his article is interesting: what if the secret to success is failure?

5 :: I’ve already made my obsession with shauna niequest pretty clear. & then she writes this lovely article on envy & the Internet. a must read.

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