friday five

1 :: david & I are really kind of on a roll with the whole cooking thing. in related news, the red lobster biscuit mix that sams sells does indeed taste almost exactly like red lobster biscuits. (thanks mom.)

2 :: we talk a lot about having racially diverse & inclusive schools & churches. maybe this is why those dreams are slow to come about. I don’t think we can ever expect to have diverse schools & churches when, in many areas of the country, we simply don’t have diverse neighborhoods. where we live matters.

3 :: school is flying by. two weeks of spanish testing (doing individual interviews with every child takes… awhile), then a week of state testing, then one more week then done!

4 :: this article by donald miller rings so true: “great kids have parents who seem to do this well.”

5 :: so many friends are moving close by. & I am very, very excited by this.

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