friday five

lunch outside

1 :: all the fountain/stream type things in smith park make it kind of my favorite spot for lunch. david & I took a barefoot break there on wednesday & it was lovely.

2 :: this article on child sponsorship asks the question I’ve so often wondered: does it actually work? the answer (& the reason behind it) will make your heart sing. (my absolute favorite is the part about the umbrella. just read it.)

3 :: I’ve been really enjoying Jen Hatmaker’s series on ethical adoption (pt 1, pt 2, pt 3), particularly her post on orphan care outside of adoption. she says, “It is unacceptable that poverty makes orphans. That is a gross injustice at the root of these astronomical numbers. If you must relinquish your child because you cannot feed, educate, or care for him, the international community should rise up and wage war against that inequity. Every family deserves basic human rights, and I should not get to raise your child simply because I can feed him and you can’t.”  challenging.

4 :: the church needs to talk about alcohol. yes.

5 :: new york city gets a new “handicap icon.” my favorite part of the article… “When I was a graduate student at USC working with Dallas Willard, I once asked him if he was a conservative. He looked at me with confusion, shocked at my naiveté, and responded, ‘I’m a radical, like Jesus.’ The life of Jesus, and icons like Dallas Willard, show me that I’m part of a community of advocates for the poor and disenfranchised.”

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2 Responses to friday five

  1. Kathie Broom says:

    GREAT article re: #4 My FAVORITE line… “And when we worship ourselves, we abuse all other forms of creation.” oh, soooo true. THANKS for sharing…your dad and I were having this exact, well almost exact, conversation over BLT sandwiches at lunch :) I love you!

  2. Nancy says:

    Always challenging me. Love you!

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