what we ate


we have entered a new stage of life, david & I. it’s the meal planning stage. I’ve always liked to cook & grocery shop, but I’ve kind of done it in isolated instances. for example, “oh, I think I would like to make (abc) tonight. I will go to Kroger this afternoon & buy (xyz).” the rest of my grocery shopping was basically granola bars, hummus, carrot sticks, chocolate milk, & enough apples to last a week. & david, well, he was doing the whole eat in the college cafeteria thing.

so now, on friday or saturday, we sit down with a little orange note pad & plan what we’re going to eat that week, taking into consideration things like date night, out of town trips, tutoring, etc. then we pick up our grocery pad & (taking note of what we already have in the kitchen) make a grocery list. then both of those things go on the fridge. on saturday or sunday we go to Kroger (Kroger is doubling fuel points this month on weekend grocery trips!). so far this system has been pretty nifty. no running back to the store for that one thing we forgot. no wondering what’s to eat on any given night. &, honestly, even working under a modest budget… doing things this way is really not that hard. I realize that meal planning has been around for ages & I grew up in a meal planning house… so this is by no means a relevation, just saying: we joined the club. & we like it.

I’m probably going to start documenting a little bit of what we eat around here & sharing recipes. david grills a lot of chicken/fish/whatever once a week & we make salads & sandwiches with that for lunches. we probably really actually cook 3-4 dinners a week… we have a date night & usually there’s a night or two where one of us has a commitment & we do a “fend for yourself” night. so here’s what the first two weeks of married life looked like.

week 1: we did a “whole foods week,”, so we didn’t really go by any recipes… just salads, & fresh meat/fruits/veggies. it was good. we did make peanut butter pretzel brownies for small group (also added semi sweet chocolate chips).

week 2:
sunday: salmon salad
monday: mediterran chicken plate (we did these as pita pockets instead) w/ stawberry salad
tuesday: tutoring / fend for yourself
wednesday: homemade pizza (chicken pesto w/ spinach)
thursday: small group / homemade bread
friday: date night
saturday: trip to the coast / dinner w/ family

all of the chicken we ate last week was this yogurt marinated chicken that david grilled.

david & I talked the other day about how we’re thankful that most of our hobbies are also things that are necessary for/benefical to survival (running/working out, cooking, etc). I’m glad that this is fun & not a chore… & I hope I’ll still say that a few months from now.

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