help us buy books!

as most of you know, I have the joy & priviledge of teaching Spanish to 287 of the most delightful children I’ve ever met. our first year together was hard & good & filled with all kinds of learning adventures. we had a special guest speaker from Cuba, tasted food from the Dominican Republic, and wrote essays about our families in Spanish. by the end of the year we were reading short books and having basic conversations in Spanish. I’m so proud of all my babies at Davis and what they have accomplished so far.

…but this year we have a big goal! we want to read an entire novel in Spanish. last year during some professional development, I saw a kids novel–Las Adventuras de Isabela– & ever since then I’ve known that this would be perfect for my kiddos. Las Adventuras de Isabela is a 2,200 word novel that uses the same 200 words throughout. I’m planning on spending the first few weeks of school reinforcing those 200 words. after that, we’ll dive right into our novel study. I really think that reading an entire novel in Spanish will do wonders for my students’ confidence in their second language. & it will also help them in their other subjects–studies have shown that reading in Spanish helps with English comprehension and vocabulary as well. so this summer I want to get a class set (30 books) of Las Adventuras de Isabela. these 30 books will serve 150 children. if you’d like to help us make our goal a reality, please feel free ;) to buy one (or two) copies of Las Adventuras off my Amazon wish list. Amazon will send them straight to my house where I will keep them very safe until August. if you send us a book, please make sure to include your name & address so my kiddos can thank you properly in the fall!

edited to say: I got the copies of Las Adventuras de Isabela way faster than I had ever dreamed! thanks world. the link has been updated so if you would still like to contribute to our classroom, you can purchase a copy of Carlos No Quiere Ir A Mexico, the second book in the series. our new goal is a novel study each semester!

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