muchas gracias!

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thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has supported my book project! thanks to ya’ll, I have a whole class set of Las Adventuras de Isabela & over half a class set of Carl No Quiere Ir a Mexico. they have been trickling in via USPS & I love seeing the packages at the door. a friend of ours skimmed through one of the copies of Las Adventuras & he said it’s hilarious. I can’t wait to see my students read it in the fall!

the other day in the car I told David that the most surprising part of all this is how loved & supported & understood it’s made me feel. I feel like often times, even within Christian community, our work is our “other” part of life. we know our friends’ professions, but we usually know very little about what exactly their day to day entails. & it sometimes gets really lonely to not be known in that way. I know that you guys have never met Laquavian & you don’t know all about how smart Sydney is & you haven’t seen how well Kamren can huluhoop. but these kids (along with 284 more) are a huge part of my days, a huge part of my heart. & for ya’ll to give to them like this has made me feel so very loved & known.

so thanks for the books… & for everything they mean. I can’t wait to share stories with ya’ll this fall.

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