what we ate, pt 2

photo (15)
a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how we meal plan. here’s the second glimpse into our kitchen. the picture above is from the raisin bran muffins I made week four. yes, muffins from raisin bran cereal. they’re way better than they sound.

week 3:

sunday: leftovers
monday: pork fried rice
tuesday: tutoring / fend for yourself
wednesday: roast beef, new potatos, garlic roasted broccoli
thursday: small group / monkey bread (I never use as much butter as the recipe calls for)
friday: homemade pizza
saturday: date night (wasabi, it was super yummy)

week 4:

sunday: goat cheese biscuits (from bread & wine, recipe here) & spinach/chicken/onion omelettes
monday: catfish tacos
tuesday: dinner w/ jenn & chris
wednesday: chicken fried rice (made just like week 3 pork fried rice… but with chicken)
thursday: small group / raisin bran muffins (mom’s recipe)
friday: pretzel chicken
saturday: date night (mr. chen’s)

we’re learning more about weeknight cooking. like, buy a pizza crust and at the end of the week you can just put all your leftovers on it and make up a fancy name for it. that kind of thing.

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2 Responses to what we ate, pt 2

  1. Lesley says:

    Thanks for linking to the goat cheese biscuits recipe. I hope you loved them as much as we did. I’m a meal planner too…and I just may need to steal a few of your ideas for our upcoming weeks. :)

  2. Kasia says:

    I’m so glad that you followed me on Instagram so that I clicked on your profile to follow you back and saw the link to your blog! I love finding other local bloggers! Added you to my Feedly. I also love meal planning. I post my weekly meal plan every Monday! I am a huge advocate for it for everyone, and have been for years! I’m single and still think everyone should do it, but especially newly married couples! Such a great pattern to set for you life. It saves money and makes you more conscious of what you’re eating which usually leads to more healthy choices.

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