dear david

so far this week David has taught himself to play bon iver on the piano. & perfected the art of omlette making. #scenesfromthebluehouse

I love hearing you play the piano around the house. and the guitar. and the harmonica (kind of). thanks for always touching the raw meat and being very sensitive to my fears of cross contamination. and not being mad when I left the oven on for eight hours (whoops). and taking me rock jumping in the park. and putting out that fire that I accidentally (don’t pour olive oil into a hot dutch oven, people) ignited in the kitchen. thanks for being careful with your words & never manipulating me.

also you make good omelettes.


ruth ann

p.s. this letter totally makes it sound like I can’t be trusted in our kitchen. I promise it’s not that bad. …right david?

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2 Responses to dear david

  1. Megan Voos says:

    Your blog always puts a smile on my face. Thanks :) No pressure for the next one though …

  2. Nelda Broom says:

    Ruth Ann, thanks so much for sharing your life with David. Since we all live far apart it is such a joy to hear from you. I think you two are doing just fine and I am so proud of you. Enjoy every moment of your youth. We love you and wish you well. Gran & Papa

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