school bus, pt 2

first bus of the school year. got a little teary-eyed when I saw it. so many people working hard to make good things happen for these precious kids. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to wake up every day & be a tiny part of it. #sappy #oneday

I’ve had lots of posts waiting for finishing touches to post. recipes I want to share. things I’ve been thinking. but today was the first day of school, which has pretty much been totally occupying my mind.

all the teachers have been at the school all week, planning & preparing. tuesday was an 11 hour day capped off by an open house, where we got to see lots of our families come in. then, this morning was back to school. I didn’t think I would be emotional about it at all… but then I pulled onto the road to head to school, saw a bus & started tearing up.

thinking about all the families, standing in the driveway, putting their whole world on the bus, trusting that her school will do right by her.

thinking about the teachers at school, who have been preparing & working & waiting for those buses all summer.

thinking about the kids who will hop off. struggling kids, excelling kids. confident kids, insecure kids. kids who are excited to come back & kids who are dreading it. kids for whom school is their safe places. kids that are terrified to walk inside.

& as always, thinking about how sad it is that where you live & how much money you have is the largest factor in which one of those kids you’ll be.

arne duncan says that education is a civil rights issue & a fight for social justice. in fact, I would say that education (along with human trafficking & immigration) is one of the very biggest human rights issues in modern day america. we’ve come a long way as a country, but when low income 4th graders are on average 3 years behind high income 4th graders… when half of low income kids don’t finish high school… something is wrong. teach for america says their goal is that “one day all children… will be able to attain an excellent education.” we have a long, long way to go.

today, I drove to work. parked. went inside. got ready for the day. & then, I watched the buses pull up & my kids hop off.

& as I watched, I thought about all these things.

but mostly I thought about how I’m thankful. thankful for a new year to learn & grow & work terribly, terribly hard. thankful to be part of a team of talented, committed people. but mostly thankful that the kids are back. & thankful that every day I get to hold their hands as we walk a tiny part of the long road until one day. it’s coming.

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  1. carol whitey says:

    I am looking forward to following you…. you are an amazing young woman.. carol whitey

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