what we ate (pt 3)

photo (23)

here’s the third peek into our married meals. we use this pad for meal planning. it’s super handy & even has a magnet to keep it on the fridge. also, we eat lots of eggs & toast on the weekends. just saying.

week 5:

sunday: our friend zach had us over & made yummy stuffed shells!
monday: mango chicken curry (from bread & wine. we absolutely loved this.)
tuesday: omelettes & biscuits (we liked the biscuits from week 3 so much we wanted to make them again)
wednesday: date night! (babalu… my favorite)
thursday: 4th of july cookout with friends
friday & saturday: my mom & dad’s house (thanks for feeding us!)

week 6:

sunday: salmon quesadillas (david’s recreation of something he had in alaska… soooo yummy)
monday: salmon quesadillas, pt 2 (that’s how much I liked them.)
tuesday: turkey burgers w/ sweet potato fries
wednesday: grilled chicken w/ quinoa
thursday: small group, smores cooked over an open… gas grill
friday: date night (pizza + movie)
saturday: wedding fun

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