community, commitment & soggy shoes

On my second day of orientation at Mississippi College, I walked into the cafeteria and I noticed that the male student walking in front of me was emitting a squishing sound with each step he took. Apparently others noticed it too, because I overheard the guy next to him ask “Man, what’s with your shoes?” The first student responded, “Well, they said we should wear shoes in the showers.” So he wore his Nikes… which, an hour later, were still waterlogged.

Everyone has moments from freshman year that they look back on and ask themselves “What was I thinking?” For example, the whole first month of college I picked up my lunch to go at 10:45 in the morning because I thought the cafeteria lines were ridiculous (what can I say, I was homeschooled). Thankfully I got that one straightened out pretty early on, but I made plenty of other decisions that, in hind sight, don’t really make sense. Ultimately, that’s ok, because college is all about figuring these kind of things out on your own.

However, in the midst of lots of mistakes, I made one choice that was really, really good. (& to read about it, click over to the article at the Mississippi Collegian…)

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