friday five: the fall edition

I’m not a pumpkin spice latte kind of person. I’m actually not even that into autumn (summer is my jam). Honestly, my favorite thing about fall is the time change because, hey, extra hour of sleep! But David keeps saying things like “RUTH ANN SOON WE CAN WEAR JACKETS.” And yesterday a leaf actually fell on the sidewalk right in front of my toes. So, in honor of that, here are a few fall related things…

1 :: I really like Lindsey Letters & think that this print would be so pretty for fall decorating. I’m not a super seasonal decorator person but I think it’s perfectly themed without being over the top.

2 :: Last year my roommate brought this candle home and OMG, you guys. Not only did it smell good, but you could cook onions & bacon and all kinds of terribly strong smelling things… light this candle & within three minutes your kitchen smells heavenly. Perfect for that brief period of time between cooking strong smelling things and having people over to eat them.

3 :: This year, for the very first time, I need an actual warm coat.  I’ve been faking it with thin “jackets” &  scarves for the past 23 years, but now my morning duty post involves standing outside for 45 minutes and helping kids out of cars & off buses. Come January it’s going to be pretty cold (cue laughter from anyone above the Mason Dixon line).  I ordered a coat from ModCloth. Ordering coats online is hard because the model looks all cozy… and then the coat arrives roughly the thickness of a sheet of cardstock. But ModCloth uses a coat warmth scale that’s really helpful for figuring out what kind of coat to get.

4 :: And I know it’s way too early & we’ll never do it this early again in our whole lives… but Christmas cards were kind of a huge deal in my house growing up. And I already ordered our first cards from Minted, a lovely paper collective website. They have beautiful cards, birth announcements & party things.

5 :: Like I mentioned, I’m not into pumpkin things, which kind of leaves me in the cold with the whole fall food situation. But I am into soup. I’ve been craving it all summer. David and I are doing the paleo thing right now but as soon as that’s over, I was to make this soup. So simple. I think it would be delicious with some avocado sliced over the top.

I’m going to miss summer– sandals, popsicles, the whole shebang. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to get just the tiniest bit of joy in my heart when I think about fall.

p.s. photos c/o modcloth, bath & body, & lindsey letters.

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