september: words & pictures

September is drawing to a close. The first real, full month of school. The fourth month of marriage. And now, at the end, it’s three months til Christmas (eep). Doing biweekly meal plans and writing about each of the books I read has proved basically not doable… so I’m going to try working those things in with a general monthly post. This isn’t a food blog or a lifestyle blog or a fashion blog (DEFINITELY not a fashion blog… my sister is probably sitting somewhere laughing at that sentence) or a faith blog exclusively. It’s a whatever comes into my head blog. But sometimes I think I need to have something of substance to say if I’m going to write here. And while I think it’s better to err on that side, I know that my mother would at least enjoy reading about what we eat and read and do. So Mom… this one’s for you! Everyone else, feel free to skip.


We kicked off September with a Labor Day weekend extravaganza in Callaway Gardens. Ever since I was a little girl my family has been spending Labor Day weekend with this precious family at a little cabin type thing in Georgia. We ride bikes all day, order pizza, swim, ride bikes again, play flag football, swim again and then play extremely competitive games. Repeat and repeat. The first year David went we wore him out in 36 hours. This year, however, he was prepared. We so enjoyed spending sweet time with family. On the way back we managed a stop at Chipotle. David was pumped. (Things we plan road trips around: Chipotle, Trader Joe’s, H&M, Steak&Shake. Also I would like to add Ikea and Pinkberry, but David hasn’t experienced either of those yet.)

photo 2
We got to see David’s sister Jennifer play music twice this month. Once at her CD release party (wrote about that here) and once at a songwriter’s night at a local church. Everytime I see her play I’m so proud of how bravely she shares her story. To read more about her story or buy her music, read here.

photo 1

For the past couple of years my parents (and these precious friends, of previously mentioned Callaway fame) have been tailgating at Mississippi College (where David and I went to school & my brother & sister currently attend). I explained to our friend Soham the other day that they come up to tailgate and he said, “So ya’ll go to a football game?” “No.” “But there’s alcohol?” “Well, no.” “So… ya’ll picnic.” Exactly, Soham. Exactly. We picnic and throw the frisbee and visit with friends and sometimes Helen even shows up (see picture above). This month we spent a Saturday “tailgating” on the quad and it was lovely.

glory, God is near to each one of us.
This month we got to appreciate lots the lovely things Jackson has to offer. We went to hear the symphony play at The Cedars (under twinkle lights) with sweet friends, saw Subsippi at the MS Museum of Art and spent a very happy afternoon throwing frisbees and feeding ducks out at the rez with our Journey family. And we took lots and lots of walks on weekend mornings, enjoying that one hour window before it heats up outside.

Notable recipes in September: this yummy pizza (made on this homemade crust… homemade crust has changed my life & I don’t know if I can ever go back to storebought), braised short ribs (for the first time), & this pomegranate pork loin is actually on the stove right at this very moment. We spent half of this month going mostly paleo, which has been interesting. We’re entering week three right now. I’m excited to sit down and reevaluate what we buy and eat after the month is up.

And I read: Run, House on Mango Street, Secret Life of Bees (love love loved it), and Expecting Adam. Also, half of Bossypants in B&N. Just saying.

September, you were good to us. October is going to be full. Bring it on.

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