friday five


1:: I eat so many of these. all day, every day. I was giving myself mouth ulcers so I tried to cut back. but they’re just so good… and it’s the only healthy food that I’ve ever even that’s solicited requests such as “Hey Miz Moss can I have a piece of that orange?” all around the building. Also, in the background of the picture you can see the pretty mug sister got me for Christmas as a reminder of this truth.

2:: This might be a good idea for me. Working on simplfiying, focusing.

3:: “You were made from love, to be love, to spread love. Love is always louder. No matter what.” Kid President does it again.

4:: On the book front, I read Killing Kennedy a week or so ago and learned so many things I never knew about that historical time period. It was informative and beautifully written. Just got Mrs. Kennedy and Me on interlibrary loan. This could be the beginning of a mild obsession. We’ll see.

5:: This Rachel Held Evans piece “Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion” challenged me a lot.

5 1/2:: I just had a really good experience selling my wedding dress online through this website. (Shout out to my mom for advising/shipping/etc.) A little sad to let it go, but I felt silly keeping something (expensive) that I would never wear again. Excited that someone else will get to make happy memories it in.

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