friday five

1:: With tons of hesitation and more than a little bit of excitement, I’ve started using Project Life to document our days. This link is the in depth version, but basically Project Life is a combination scrapbook and photo album. Instead of having big blank pages to fill it up it comes with different sized photo pages into which you can slip photos, cards with journaling, mementos, etc. It’s FAR less intimidating to me than creating blank spreads (and more fun, too). I’m especially enjoying having a place to put the random paper things (wedding invitations, notes, etc.) that I tend to hang on to pointlessly and then later trash. Hopefully I’ll share more about this from time to time.

2:: I love, love what Glennon Melton writes here on the questions that will save our relationships. I’m reading her book “Carry On, Warrior” right now and enjoying it greatly.

3:: My principal shared with our staff this story from the New York Times. Basically, a group of 9th and 10th grade boys with low math skills were provided with intense small group tutoring and behavior counseling. The results? They learned three years of math in eight months. Even though their tutors weren’t credentialed teachers. We’ve seen so many beautiful things happen at the tutoring ministry I’m involved with in Jackson and it’s good to to read concrete proof that tutoring works–academically & relationally.

4:: Just discovered this beautiful blogthis post and this post both really encouraged me.

5:: I was gifted an EatJxn card from a sweet friend for Christmas and we’ve really enjoyed the deals… free pico de gallo at Babalu, upsize at Cups, etc. It’s encouraged us to try some new restaurants, too. Anyone in the metro area should definitely check it out. It comes with a card to put in your wallet and a break apart to put on your keychain, so you could even share with a spouse/friend/stranger.

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  1. ashleegadd says:

    Thanks for sharing my blog! ;)

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