one little word: rest


In the vein of playing catch up, I’m going to share about something some of you might think is silly (but that’s ok). I read a lot at the beginning of January about people picking a word for each year. It’s usually something that signifies something that you want to change or just focus on more clearly. I thought that sounded like a lovely idea and much more manageable than a list of resolutions covering an entire spectrum. I’ve picked one little word that I want to try to live in all areas of my life this year–personal, professional, marriage, etc. The word I picked for 2014 is rest.

I feel pretty tightly wound a lot of the time. I’m type A (usually) which is a blessing and a curse. I’m good at loading coupons on our Kroger card and paying bills and making doctors appointments and being precisely on time to work everyday. I’m bad at chilling out, calming down, taking things in stride. Rest is a Biblical concept and lots of days I fail at it, full of anxiety and rushing around to get it all done. Come to me, all who are weary and I will give you rest… be anxious for nothing… be still and know that I am God… on the seventh day, rest. All these things play in my head and I know I don’t live them well. This year I want to change that, even if it’s only in a few small ways.

I’ve incorporated this little word (that represents this big, Biblical practice) into several different areas of my life since the beginning of January–everything from logging out of social media when I’m done to not timing myself when I run to taking more baths to sometimes just ordering pizza instead of cooking to focusing more on being fully present when I spend time with my friends and family. I’ve been identifying the things that really recharge me and attempting to spend my time more wisely so I can do the things I love. I’m learning that saying yes to some things means you have to say no to other things. And on the flip, saying no to some things means you can say yes to other things. It’s hard to decide which things go in which group, but I’m learning.

Are you good at rest or is it a struggle for you? If you had to pick one little word for your 2014, what would it be?

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