t-shirt wall art

I’m cleaning out. With moving houses on the horizon and pretty spring weather, I’m into getting rid of stuff as of late. Haven’t worn it in the past year or so? Adios. Keep thinking I’ll “use it one day”? Bye bye. As I cleaned out all my drawers, I came across a shirt from high school. I loved Threadless t-shirts in high school, and this one was my all time favorite. I’ve haven’t worn it in probably five years, but I’ve hung onto it through many moves. Because it was my very favorite tshirt and I love the design and I just didn’t want to give it up. Unfortunately that doesn’t fit in with my purging mentality, so I decided if I didn’t throw it away, I needed to do something with it. I had been thinking about this little embroidery (Friday Night Lights, whoo hoo), so I decided it was time to turn my beloved t shirt to wall art.


All you need for this is an old t shirt (or any kind of fabric, really… favorite sheets, fabric from a baby onsie, any of it would work) scissors, and an embroidery hoop (1.99 at Joanns).


I laid the hoop over the t shirt so I could center the design.


Then, I cut around the hoop. After this, I loosened the screw on top of the hoop, removed the smaller wooden circle, and placed the fabric over it. I put the larger circle back in place and tugged the fabric until it was pulled relatively tight and positioned exactly where I wanted it. Then, I tightened the screw and trimmed the excess fabric off the back. There are no pictures of these steps… because I was using both hands.


And now my favorite tshirt is a happy little addition to the gallery wall in our bedroom.

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