25 before 25: update


I’ve really enjoyed this 25 before 25 project. Most of the things I’ve knocked off the list (so far) are parts of bigger goals… but I have a few individual goals I’m completing this summer, so I’m really excited about that. Here’s a little update on my progress.

5. Read 50 books.

13/50. So far I’ve read: Daring Greatly, Dead End in Norvelt, American Wife, Three Times Lucky, Orange is the New Black, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Flora & Ulysses, Counting by 7s, Eleanor & Park, P.S. Be Eleven, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore, Hoot, and Attachments. Of these I most enjoyed Daring Greatly, Absolutely True Diary, and Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore

7. Bake 5 different loaves of bread.

1/5. I made this rosemary olive oil bread. And it was so good I have made it three times and not made any new breads. Whoops.

10. Go five places I’ve never been (could be a restaurant, could be a country).

2/5. Over spring break I went to Mayes Lake (which I can’t believe I’ve never been to, as it’s about three miles from our house) with Kate and Joan and also ate lunch at La Finestra w/ David. I loved the trail at Mayes Lake and the shrimp and polenta at La Finestra was yummy. So far so good.

19. Get rid of/donate 100 things.

57/100. I’ve donated 41 things to NUTS, consigned 15 things at the Orange Peel and given a shelf to Kate & Bill. I have another bag of clothes for NUTS and another appointment at Orange Peel… so hopefully that will balance out all of the thrifted treasures I got last weekend.

23. Send 25 hand written letters.

10/25. This has been one of my favorite endeavors. Far from feeling like I need to “make quota” I’ve so loved taking the time to intentionally sit down and express to some of my favorite people how much they mean to me or how grateful I am for something they’ve done for me. It’s a good practice to be in.

24. Actually figure out what the deal is with my voter registration.

I’m officially registered to vote in Jackson now. I was so excited because I did it right before the mayoral election and I was going to get to vote in a local election that I cared about and had researched and blah blah blah… then I found out you have to register at least 30 days before the election or you can’t vote. So all my dreams were crashed.
Maybe next time.
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