march & april… & may: in review


Severely behind schedule, so I’m pretty much combining the last three months. Here we go.

Highlights: Spring break, Mitch + Jodie’s sweet wedding, a trip to the coast, time with family + mccartys in Jackson, seeing my sister in law’s play with the Moss family, hosting a bridal shower for a sweet friend, David ran a couple of 5ks and started back Cross fit. I took up yoga. The backyard gym started coming together. Emily and I spent some time scheming about some crazy exciting summer plans for Red Door. Pig & Pint opened, I led a PD for TFA, David did Warrior Dash, I had lunch with mom in Hattiesburg, another wedding for some sweet friends combined with a weekend with David’s parents in Kosciusko, walk with a new friend, Sabrina’s birthday, a delicious home cooked meal made by Erin. We got a free trampoline! I had the best birthday ever, I’m pretty sure. I got a new job. I finished TFA.  Hannah graduated from college! We spent the best weekend on the coast with family & friends. Jordyn married Brandon and it was lovely. We finished out the year of tutoring. We moved into the white house.

Read: Daring Greatly, One Crazy Summer, Orange is the New Black, Three Times Lucky, American Wife, Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Hoot, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore, Wednesday Wars, The Rosie Project, How Children Succeed, What Alice Forgot, Mockingbird… and others, but my “books I read” notebook is in Mississippi and I’m writing this in North Carolina.

Ate: Grilled vegetable pizza (pizza peel + pizza stone… we’re rocking and rolling), rosemary olive oil bread, chicken orzo soup (we loved this, made it twice already), lunch at La Finestra, risotto, goat cheese biscuits, this delicious salad (more than once), bleu cheese pasta (it was just ok), lunch at Pig & Pint (David loved their collard greens) …and then for about three weeks in May we pretty much ate snacks or some form of pizza while we moved. Real life, you guys.

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2 Responses to march & april… & may: in review

  1. Nelda Broom says:

    Sounds like you two have had a great time. I like your house. So good to hear from you. Gran

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