high five friday


When this post goes live I’ll be at camp in Macon, Mississippi with eight awesome kiddos from our neighborhood. Say a prayer for our time there, please.

01 // As someone who is still learning how to be friends with women in this post-college life, I found this article quite interesting: The 5 Biggest Friendship Mistakes Women Make.

02 // I so enjoy the Dinner: A Love Story blog and was really amused by this funny post on how couples split responsibilities. Even after only a year of marriage, I find this so true. David takes out the trash and changes light bulbs. I pay bills and clean the sink. And as far as weekend breakfast goes, he is resident-egg-scrambler and I’m the avocado-toast-maker.

03 // How to have a great life without spending a lot of money. Amen and amen.

04 // As someone who loves to read and especially loves to read “kid” books, I was interested in this list of book reccomendations based on your childhood favorites.

05 // Saved the best for last. If you only click one of these links, read this post on marriage by Shauna Niequist. “We [should be] living a love story, not running a small business.” Encouraging and convicting.

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2 Responses to high five friday

  1. Cindy Lee says:

    I didn’t know how else to get in contact with you. I’m a friend of your moms. I have 2 eighth graders next year. Can you recommend a good Spanish for them (high school level)? Thanks. Cindy Lee

  2. Hey Mrs. Lee! Shoot me an email (ruthDOTannATmeDOTcom). Would love to chat.

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