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David’s parents are moving to Kentucky this month! We will miss having them here in Mississippi, but we are so excited for them to have this fantastic opportunity… it’s going to be an adventure!

Food and community are two of my favorite things. So naturally, I loved reading this article.

We tried Nature Box (healthy snacks delivered to your door) this summer and really enjoyed it. I don’t think the value’s very good without a discount code, but if you’ve been wanting to try it, you’re in luck because I have a $10 off code right here.

I’m doing a postcard project with my class this year (inspired by my fabulous teacher friend Claire). If you live somewhere interesting (read: over 20 miles outside Jackson) or are visiting somewhere interesting (again, 20 miles outside Jackson) I would LOVE it if you would send my class a postcard. If you’re willing, please shoot me an email (ruthDOTannATmeDOTcom) and I’ll give you some more details… or leave your email address in the comments and I’ll reach out to you!

I loved this article from The Atlantic about why humans sleep together, even when it’s annoying and uncomfortable. It took me almost three months to be able to consistently sleep through the night after we got married, but of course, I kept sleeping with my husband anyway. This helped me understand why.

This is an interesting read, too: 8 things nutrition experts wish you would stop saying about food.

Excited for weekend and fun and rest. Happy Friday to all!

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