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Homecoming was this past weekend. Saturday morning I went to breakfast with some dear friends from college. When Helen prayed over our breakfast, she thanked God for college, for what we learned there, and how God worked in our lives. It was so good to be back this weekend in the beautiful sunshine, seeing dear friends and favorite professors. Mississippi College will always be the place that I met David (#foundfamily), but it’s a lot more, too: a place where I was challenged in school, supported by a community, and where I learned so much about what it means to be a part of this great big beautiful world. Thanks for the memories, MC!



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One Response to homecoming

  1. Nelda Broom says:

    I loved all the pictures and reading about your and David’s friends and life experiences. I really love facebook and email so we are able to keep in touch. Papa appreciated all the good wishes on his birthday.. Gran

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