life lately + links



Thanksgiving break is the best. It’s the only public school holiday that’s actually longer than the college counterpart. A whole week, please & thank you. We’re excited to spend some time with family & friends.

The most sobering, compelling thing I’ve read this month. I’m really interested in the book now.

We got a great deal on our Christmas cards through Minted. (Use this link and save $25!) We got their postcards, which I love because cheaper cards, cheaper postage, no envelope licking and also I like to wonder how many postal employees actually might read the back between our mailbox and the recipient’s.

I’m pretty into Serial and I’m not alone… for heaven’s sake, there’s a podcast about this podcast. Inception much? Some interesting thoughts if you’re as hooked as I am (no spoilers): on endings & wanting too muchon the podcast’s blacklash, and the blacklash’s backlash (welcome to the Internet, I suppose).

Loved this post about women + friendship (via my mom).

And speaking of my parents, my dad shared this link with me a couple of weeks ago. It sparked some fantastic discussions with  my 5th graders about community, art, and being uncomfortable.

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