accelerated reader: january 2015


I read a lot this month, partly due to the first part of it being Christmas break and having several new Christmas books to crack into. Without further ado, books & thoughts:

The Little Prince | I’m participating in this 2015 reading challenge, but not following the order. The Little Prince was my “book originally published in another language.” I’d never read it before… and so it could probably count as “a book ‘everyone’ has read but you” as well. I liked it a lot, but didn’t absolutely adore it like some people I know. The phrasing reminded me of Alice in Wonderland in parts and The Velveteen Rabbit in others. And I really did love the illustrations.

Dinner: The Playbook | I love all things Dinner: A Love Story. I don’t know if I’ve cooked anything from their cookbook or website that wasn’t good and most of it has been amazing. This cook book is geared towards busy families with children, but several of the recipes will probably earn a spot in our monthly rotation.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up | This one was… interesting. I read it right after I spent half my Christmas break throwing half our belongings away and cleaning everything perfectly. So I was all about it. I loved what seemed to be the main idea of her book: keep things that spark joy, get rid of things that don’t. But some of the more abstract ideas she has (thank your shoes for the hard work they do, speak to your house as soon as you enter it) just did not resonate with me at all.

Girl at the End of the World | It had been awhile since I read a good memoir and this one did not disappoint. I love most memoirs, but especially faith-journey ones. Esther tells her story of growing up in a fundamentalist group with grace and perspective.

Big Little Lies | I had waited (what felt like) a million years for our library to get this one in. As soon as I picked it up, I was glued. Parts of the book made me sad and the message of the book, while so important, sometimes felt a little bit heavy-handed for a novel. I know that sounds incredibly vague but I can’t say anything else without giving things away. Liane Moriarty has a style and voice all her own and I’m definitely a fan.

Three Wishes | Because I’m a Liane Moriarty fan, I picked this one up as soon as I finished Big Little Lies. It wasn’t nearly as good as the others of hers I’ve read (What Alice Forgot, Husband’s Secret). I’d skip it.

Brown Girl Dreaming | Beautiful poetry memoir set in Brooklyn and South Carolina. I loved this one… definitely deserving of the award’s buzz it’s received this year.

The Meaning of Maggie | Another one in my beloved genre of “middle school kids dealing with tough stuff.” This is a story of a family where a dad has MS, told from the 11 year old daughter’s perspective. Everytime I read a really good book of this genre (which this one was), I’m reminded of a major reason I read… to get a glimpse of things I don’t understand, to experience things (in a microscopic way) that I’ve never lived through. It’s why they say people who read fiction are more empathetic… and I’m thankful for all the writers who’ve allowed me to peer into a million different worlds.

Coming up in next month: a few words on audiobooks.

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4 Responses to accelerated reader: january 2015

  1. dawnomite says:

    Aw, The Meaning of Maggie sounds really good. Have you read Gary D. Schmidt? His book Okay for Now is one of my favorites and really wonderful. I also see Quindlen’s Every Last One in your picture and I LOVED that book. I enjoyed your post. Stopping by thru MMD! :)

    • Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by! Okay for Now is probably in my top ten favorite books of all time. I laughed and cried the entire way through! People talk about Wednesday Wars a lot more, but I personally thought Okay for Now was even better. Glad to hear you liked the Quindlen book… I scored like five of her novels at a thrift store one day and have yet to read any of them. I’m looking for a book to start this afternoon so I might just chose that one. :)

  2. Wasn’t Brown Girl Dreaming out of this world??

  3. Nelda Broom says:

    Thanks for our Valentine! We loved it! I had just finished reading instructions for using fabric to fashion your own cards and really liked the idea! I’m also taking your list of good books to the library. I know it will be very helpful. I don’t always like the books I pick at random.

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