Once upon a time I grew up on a coast, as the oldest of five kids. I was homeschooled and mostly spent my days reading books and constructing elaborate alternate realities with my siblings. It was pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Fast forward eighteen years and I attended a small liberal arts college where I studied literature & linguistics, interned at a medical clinic in Peru, worked at a non profit in Manhattan, & studied abroad in Costa Rica. All of those things have radically changed the way I see the world.

Shortly after I graduated college, I taught for America and married the cute ginger boy from my greek class. We spent a few years living in a beautifully diverse neighborhood nestled in the middle of Jackson, Mississippi. Recently we moved to Birmingham, Alabama where I teach problem-based learning for Birmingham City Schools and David attends Beeson Divinity School.

I love cooking, reading, taking photos, and making things with my hands. But stories are my very favorite. I love telling them & listening to them… funny stories, sad stories, and-then-I-found-five-dollars stories, good stories, you-had-to-be-there stories. This blog is where I tell our story, as we learn to love each other, our neighbors, & our city, as we wait & work for kingdom come. Thanks for reading along.

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