really quickly

this is what the next little bit of life looks like for me.

:: life has been oh so full of birthday & graduation events & thoughts & celebrations. posts on both of those coming soon.

:: relocated to home for the next couple of weeks. it’s been real good, full of sunshine, visits with friends, real food, ultimate frisbee & running on the beach.

:: little bro & I are planning on watching some of this while I’m home. I’ve heardgood things.

:: good article on the idea of food deserts… sad reality for lots of America.

:: two words: s-u-p-e-r  m-o-o-n.

:: started doing lots of pre-institute work today. so excited about the things I’m learning from all these books & articles. now if I could only remember all of them…

:: super pumped to see Avengers tonight with my daddy!

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