cooling off

from chocolate milk to homemade fudgesicles. mmmm.

my popsicle molds from Amazon finally came in last week & I have been getting a very lot of use out of them. mostly, I’ve just been freezing my farmer’s market chocolate milk… drinking milk when it’s hot makes me feel weird, but when you freeze this chocolate milk it makes really yummy fudgesicle type things. actually I don’t even like fudgesicles but I like these.

I also made a peach/white grape juice combo. I love just putting real fruit in the blender, mixing it with a little juice and/or honey & freezing it. so good. I have some watermelon chilling in my fridge for the next batch… & I really want to try avocado popsicles. the heat seems to have kicked it up a notch these past  couple weeks… & eating popsicles is one of the only things that makes my front porch tolerable. thanks, Amazon!

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