big yellow school bus

we “planned” a wedding in four months, while I worked full time & david worked part time & went to school full time. basically what that means is my mom & sister helped with/flat out did lots of things. & we are eternally thankful. the south is a venue you don’t have to do much to dress up. & wendy putt did a fabulous job with food & flowers. so there wasn’t (that much) left to do. but it still made me a tiny bit sad because I like to D.I.M. (do it myself). I like crafting & creating. & sometimes I was sad that I couldn’t do more cool “pinteresty” wedding things. so the week before the wedding I decided I wanted a school bus. I got my heart set on it and of course waited until like three days before the wedding to finalize it. thankfully, getting a school  bus isn’t that hard. & I liked how it turned out.

so here are some glimpses of the school bus part of our wedding… we’re so glad that it was photographed by someone who is both a talented professional & a cherished friend. if you need senior portraits, engagement session, wedding photography or even just a family session, chase richardson is your man. we couldn’t be more pleased.








if you’d like to see some non-bus shots of our wedding check out the post on chase’s blog.

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